About Us

Pictured above from left: Riker, Pete, and Andy
 I think this may be easiest to do from my point of view. Andy is married to my oldest sister Stephanie. I am married to Riker’s older sister Abi. We are like a brother in law chain and I am the middle link. If we continue with this chain metaphor, it takes all three links to hold up this brewery and make it go. We all bring different and important skills and experience to the table. Our taproom and branding are inspired by our family’s farming history. Riker and I managed a dairy farm for five years, and that is where this brewery idea was hatched. Growing up and working on my family’s 6th generation family dairy farm taught me the value of hardwork. It also taught me that a good cold beer at the end of a day of hard work is one of the best things in this world. I love that in both farming and brewing beer, you get out what you put in. You can see (and taste) your progress and you can’t take any shortcuts if you want to be successful. It’s stressful and satisfying and complicated and wonderful all at the same time. Just how life should be.